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Acne treatment

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About the service

Laser treatment of acne - treatment of problem areas with a laser; is a physiologic and safe effective technique. Acne requires effective professional complex treatment, so if you find signs of acne on yourself you should contact a specialist.

One of the most effective acne treatments is the use of laser equipment. In addition to treating acne the laser enhances microcirculation, strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on skin tone and stiffness.

What it is used for

Acne treatment;
Elimination of post-acne;
Scar, cicatrix, stretch mark removal.
Skin dullness removal;
Indications for procedure

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Skin dullness;
Scar, cicatrix, stretch marks.
Pregnancy and lactation;
Oncological diseases;
Taking medications: antibiotics, aspirin, etc.;
Diabetes mellitus and blood clotting problems;
Severe pathologies of internal organs;
A relative contraindication is a fresh tan on the area of skin that needs the treatment. In this case the date of the session is postponed until 21-28 days after in order to avoid side effects such as microburns.
Diseases of the psyche and nervous system;
Dermatological diseases in the acute stage and acute form of herpes;

Results of procedure


2700 uah
2000 uah
Choose one zone
2000 uah
2900 uah
4900 uah
̶8̶1̶0̶0̶ 6800 uah
5100 uah
5100 uah
7400 uah
12200 uah
1500 uah
2000 uah
1700 uah

Preparation for procedure

It is not recommended to visit sauna, swimming pool or take thermal procedures 3 days in advance before the procedure;
It is forbidden to drink alcohol beverages 48 hours in advance before the procedure;
Do not succumb to insolation (sunbathe) two weeks in advance before the procedure;
It is forbidden to use and take photosensitizing drugs (some antibiotics, retinol, etc.) 14 days in advance before the procedure;
Before the procedure you must remove contact lenses if you are wearing them;
Before the procedure the doctor applies a special gel, which is necessary to maintain full contact of the nozzle with the skin.
The area that will be involved during the procedure is cleaned with a special lotion or tonic;
Avoid taking anticoagulants for 7-10 days in advance before the procedure if it is medically acceptable;

How procedure is going through

Acne Treatment

Care after procedure

After 2-3 days the age spots darken and peel off like a tan within 10-14 days;
There may be edema at the treatment area or small hematomas (bruises) can appear, which gradually disappear within a week;
It is not recommended to visit baths, sauna, solarium and sunbathe for 2-3 weeks;
In order to prevent the occurrence of new age spots it is necessary to apply a sunscreen with a high level of protection (at least SPF 50);
The rehabilitation process lasts individually from 2 to 14 days;
Be sure to monitor the skin condition and consult the doctor on 3/5/7 day after the procedure (by sending a photo report);
Follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist who has performed the procedure;
Do not self-medicate so as not to harm the natural rehabilitation period.

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Problem skin - what does it mean: causes of rashes, acne treatment
The concept of "acne" includes all sorts of rashes on the skin, they are called in different way: acne, blackheads, pimples, purulent acne and so on. The phenomenon is rather unpleasant, not aesthetically pleasing, and causes a lot of trouble. This problem mainly affects people going through the stage of puberty, but there is a certain percentage of older people who also have a similar situation. If acne torments a person for a long time, then scars can be observed on the skin, creating an uneven surface and not a very presentable appearance in general - in this case, no foundation and other decorative cosmetics will save.

There can be several reasons for this problem. The most common of these is the increase in male hormones - androgens, which stimulates the secretion of sebum more than required. Keratinized skin particles and excess sebum form a mass that clogs the pores, then in the place of clogging, bacteria begin to multiply rapidly, for which the necessary environment has appeared. These propionic bacteria also activate inflammation of the closed areas of the dermis.

Other factors contributing to the appearance of acne: lowered immunity, a reaction to any drugs (usually hormonal), nutrition, poor sleep, frequent stressful situations, the level of ecology, heredity. If you constantly touch your face with your hands, then you can also face an unpleasant consequence of this - the appearance of rashes.

Statistics say that acne is most common in 85% of people between 12 and 25 years old, in 8% of people between 25 and 35 years old, and 3% of people over 35 years old. Treatment of acne on the face is not a one-time procedure, but an integrated approach that includes consultations with a specialist, cosmetological intervention and lifestyle correction. Acne laser therapy is perhaps the best that modern aesthetic medicine has to offer.

Acne treatment: types of rashes, where you can solve the problem in Kiev

Acne is a common name for skin rashes and it has the status of a disease. It is necessary to treat in a comprehensive manner in order to avoid scars and the appearance of new inflammations and blockages for a long time. The intervention of laser therapy specialists in our time allows you to heal an ailment in a short time and enjoy beautiful healthy skin.

Several types of rashes and inflammations can be distinguished (a list from severe to more common mild cases):

● purulent cysts;

● deep subcutaneous nodules;

● papules;

● pustules;

● acne.

A skin cyst is a purulent inflammation and usually forms colonies on the face. It is necessary to treat the cyst immediately and not start in any case, otherwise scars are inevitable. White nodules under the skin are characterized by the presence of a small white tubercle on the surface of the integument. Papules and pustules are red pimples, pustules with pus, papules without. Blackheads are black spots on the skin, less commonly white bumps.

Self-disposal of rashes, even if there are few of them, can lead to the development of the disease. It is recommended to trust the treatment of acne by professionals, and nowadays laser is the best and most effective solution to help resolve skin diseases. Visits to a beautician to receive only standard procedures is an effective way to help resolve skin problems, and the cost of treatment in one visit is somewhat lower. But the sessions can be much longer, so laser acne treatments, which are slightly more expensive than other treatments, may even save you money. Clinic for laser treatment of acne SkinMedical in Kiev offers a safe and quick way to get rid of skin rashes using laser equipment.

Acne laser treatment - top-level cosmetology

Laser acne removal is considered the fastest and most effective treatment, because in addition to the main task, several more effects are achieved, such as a smoother skin tone, smoothing of small wrinkles and a noticeable reduction in large ones, an increase in skin tone and elasticity. Also, the laser successfully removes post-acne, scars and scars from unsuccessful extrusion and other independent intervention.

The principle of operation of the device is based on the effect of a high intensity light flux where problem areas of the skin are observed. The light beam is converted into heat, due to which the effect occurs at a deep level. Built-in cooling system protects against overheating and burns.

The procedure itself almost does not cause uncomfortable sensations, so there is no need for pain relief. There are several possible contraindications for laser removal of skin imperfections:

● pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding;

● oncological diseases;

● chronic diseases in acute form;

● diseases that can be triggered by long-wave light;

● period of taking drugs that cause sensitivity to light;

● chemical peeling (2 weeks after the procedure);

● laser rejuvenation.

A positive result will be seen after the first laser treatment. In critical or extraordinary cases (that is, in rare situations), a treatment course of up to three procedures will be required.

Acne (acne) treatment - SkinMedical clinic

The Center for Aesthetic Medicine SkinMedical in Kiev provides a wide range of care and treatment services using laser therapy. The problem of skin rashes is easily solved here - an experienced cosmetologist will prescribe the optimal acne treatment for cases of any complexity.

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