Unique latest technology
Jet Peel

License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 06/18/2020 No. 2917/L-P

Unique latest technology
Jet Peel

What is "Jet Peel" and what is it used for?

Jet Peel is a modern cosmetology device presented by the Israeli company TavTech and is the first in the world and the only one of its kind cosmetology technology which provides instant visible results in the form of a non-invasive, comfortable and relaxing procedure. This is the latest approach to transdermal treatment that takes aesthetic and dermatological care to a new level of excellence and comfort. Based on jet propulsion technology adapted to the needs of modern skin care and uses micrometer jets of liquid that travel at supersonic speeds.

Jet Peel is an innovative technology of gas-liquid peeling which was developed by Israeli cosmetologists together with American specialists for the most effective and comfortable skin cleansing. This is a method of non-contact jet gas-liquid treatment of the skin using a unique nozzle that provides painless delivery of natural components (carbon dioxide, oxygen and saline) and a vitamin complex to the skin without injections.

Gas-liquid peeling is a deep skin cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, mesotherapy, and also an indispensable activator of metabolic processes and skin toning. Gas-liquid peeling on the Jet Peel device can be done at any time of the year, during periods of active sun.

Beneficial trace elements and vitamins are injected deep into the skin structure with the help of the power of water and air jets. Non-injection mesotherapy is perfect for those who hesitate to inject.

JetPeel provides an effect from 5 treatments at once:
- skin cleansing;
- peeling (exfoliation);
- skin resurfacing (removes stretch marks and scars);
- needleless mesotherapy;
- 3D massage with lifting effect (lymphatic drainage).

Advantages of the Jet Peel gas-liquid peel at SkinMedical:

Allows you to combine several results at once:
- exfoliation and removal of epidermis dead cells;
- deep cleansing of pores;
- massage, micromassage, lymphatic drainage massage;
- non-injection introduction of mesotherapy cocktails;
- elimination of edema;
- lifting.

Active oxygen comes with a stream of water to activats metabolic processes, and also to disinfect (antiseptic, antibacterial effect), and the high pressure of a gas-liquid jet completely cleans pores at great depths.

The massage effect of a directed water flow improves lymph stream, blood circulation, metabolic processes. Therefore, the Jet Peel gas-liquid peeling is one of the rare technologies that combines the effect of cleaning, rejuvenation and healing.
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