Pigmentation Treatment

License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 06/18/2020 No. 2917/L-P

Pigmentation Treatment

Nowadays, more and more ladies of different ages have age spots on the face and body. The love to solariums, trips to the sea and sunbathing in the active sun for a better tan, and the lack of sunscreen use culture bring "beautiful results" that remain on the skin. Women only after their 40 used to face pigmentation problems, but now no one is surprised with age spots on a young face. Pigmentation treatment has become one of the most popular procedures in cosmetology.

How to deal with pigmentation and prevent the appearance of new age spots?

SkinMedical doctors are always looking for the most effective way to solve the problem of pigmentation, because this is not only one procedure, but a comprehensive individual approach to each client, with a full anamnesis and a full-time consultation.

There are many effective methods in the world to fight and treat the hyperpigmentation, namely: treatment of chronic diseases, elimination of photosensitization, laser phototherapy of age spots, laser resurfacing, mesotherapy injections and professional cosmetics against pigmentation, sunscreens to protect against the occurrence of new spots.

Cosmetologists in Kiev practice the treatment of pigmentation with all the methods listed above. The most effective are laser technologies, mesotherapy and the use of professional cosmetics in a complex and individually for each client.

The medical aesthetic center SkinMedical possesses the newest and most powerful certified Israeli laser device called Inmode Lumecca, which is the foremost in the fight and treatment of pigmentation in the world, and is now presented in Kiev. And the individual approach of qualified cosmetologists in the selection of a set of procedures for the pigmentation treatment is the basis of the center, where dozens of beauties have already received the maximum result and have lost their pigmentation problems after several sessions.
Treatment of pigmentation with SkinMedical is safe, high quality and with maximum results.

What is a pigmented spot?

A pigmented spot is an area of the skin where there is an increased content of melanin pigment. There are several types of pigmented spots, which differ in the depth of occurrence of melanin:

Freckles are small pigmented spots on the face, hands, sometimes on the shoulders and decollete. Most often occur on fair-haired, blondes and red-haired beauties with a very light skin.

Lentigines are slightly raised brown spots that occur due to a large accumulation of melanin in the deep epidermis layer, due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet light or old age.

Chloasma are the spots of greenish-yellow or brown color that occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the body, occur on the face, on the stomack, around the nipples and in the intimate area.

Moles are small pigmented spots, flat or convex, and can be of different sizes and shapes. Moles can be genetically transmitted.

Reasons for pigmentation occurrence:

- Hormonal imbalance;
- Influence of ultraviolet radiation;
- Age-related skin changes;
- Genetic factor;
- Damage to the skin after improper treatment of acne or other skin diseases, aggressive cosmetic procedures, etc.;
- Chronic kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract and vitamin deficiency;
- Taking photosensitizing medications;
- Use of cosmetics which contain photosensitizers;
- Allergic reactions to cosmetics or cosmetic procedures, etc.

Remember, pigmentation treatment is always a comprehensive individual approach, which should be done by a qualified doctor and cosmetologist!
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