RF-rejuvenation Morpheus 8 vs SMAS-lifting

License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 06/18/2020 No. 2917/L-P

RF-rejuvenation Morpheus 8 vs SMAS-lifting

The modern cosmetic services industry offers many methods to rejuvenate and improve the skin quality. And this is not surprising at all! Obviously, it is not clever to refuse the opportunity to have a young face shape and beautiful, healthy skin while it is quite affordable! Today we will talk about machine lifting techniques and figure out what is the difference between SMAS-lifting and RF-lifting.

A slender, toned figure, chiseled face profile and radiant skin are all natural signs of youth and beauty. But is there a way to stay young and attractive despite age? Is it possible to conquer time and continue to evoke the rapturous glances of those around you? Yes, of course, and it's much easier than it sounds.

The latest Israeli technologies of rejuvenation and lifting are now in Kiev in the center of aesthetic medicine SkinMedical and we are ready to present you the latest generation of "apple of youth", the newest Inmode Morpheus 8 fractional microneedling radiofrequent lifting device, which allows you to achieve unprecedented results safely, quickly and keeping the effect for up to 5 years!

The latest generation Morpheus 8 nozzle makes the RF lifting procedure even more effective and safe. Using this technology it became possible to influence a strictly defined depth of the subdermal layer, bypassing the epidermis and without causing burns to the skin surface. Each disposable tip is equipped with 12/24/40 insulating polymer coated needles, where only the tip of the needle electrode remains active. The device allows the doctor to individually adjust the depth of penetration with an accuracy of 1 mm, and thus to ensure uniform heating of tissues with different thicknesses of fat and muscle layers, and also makes it possible to work with the tissues of the eyelids for the first time.

- Reducing the number and depth of wrinkles;
- Lifting and tightening of the skin;
- Less manifestation or complete disappearance of hyperpigmentation;
- Acquiring a sharper face contour;
- Smoothing the skin surface and eliminating post-acne;
- Elimination of double chin;
- Body shaping;
- Effect for up to 5 years.

SMAS-lifting is a technique based on the ultrasonic waves action on the deep skin layers and on the muscular system. So the procedure is suitable not only for solving superficial skin changes, but also suitable for eliminating gravitational aging. Ultrasound stimulates the production of collagen, as a result it creates a collagen framework of a kind, which guarantees a prolonged result and lasts 12-18 months. In addition, muscle tonus is restored, so that the face oval and the cheekbones lines are tightened. This is a technique that does not have a rehabilitation period and has a cumulative effect.

- Noticeable facelift;
- Elimination of double chin;
- Lift of the cheekbone line;
- Improving skin firmness and elasticity;
- Elimination of wrinkles even in delicate areas: the area around the eyes, wrinkles around the lips;
- Effect for up to 12-18 months.

Every modern person, both men and women, wants to preserve youth, beauty and attractiveness. Unfortunately, the elixir of youth has not yet been invented, but the cosmetology of the XXI century has a wide range of procedures, which aim to rejuvenate the skin of the face and body. The special demand is for the procedures that can "erase" 10-15 years without traditional plastic surgery. One of the most innovative options for rejuvenation in Kiev is machine facial plastic - RF-lifting Morpheus 8.
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