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Facial cleansing

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Facial cleansing

The procedure recommended by dermatologists to get rid of blackheads, rashes and to maintain clean skin is facial cleansing. The trend for various care cleanings is a hygienic need in the current environmental conditions. SkinMedical doctors, based on your individual characteristics, will select the best facial cleansing option for you, as the clinic can provide a wide range of variations of this procedure, such as gas-liquid Jet Peel, Hollywood HydraFacial, deep mechanical or hardware cleaning.

What it is used for

Dehydration and contamination of the skin;
Blackheads and comedones;
Skin puffiness and dullness.
Indications for procedure
Dehydration and contamination of the skin;

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Blackheads and comedones;
Oncological diseases;
Acute form of herpes;
Inflammation of the face skin;
Severe form of acne.
Skin puffiness and dullness.


Hydrafacial Face Cleansing
1500 uah
3 stages (cleaning + exfoliation, extraction, moisturizing).
DELUXE PROGRAM (muscle relaxation / radiance)
2200 uah
6 stages (cleansing + exfoliation, glysal, extraction + treatment, Dermabuilder / Britenol booster, led therapy, hydration + saturation).
1800 uah
4 stages (cleansing + exfoliation, glysal - acid peeling, extraction, moisturizing).
2500 uah
7 stages (lymphatic drainage, cleansing + exfoliation, glysal, extraction + treatment, booster of your choice, led therapy, hydration + saturation).
Mechanical Face Cleansing
1550 uah
75 min
2150 uah
90 min
1700 uah
1200 uah

How procedure is going through

Hydrafacial Face Cleansing

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High-quality facial cleansing by a beautician: features and benefits
Each person wants to prolong his beauty and youth as much as possible, but it is absolutely impossible to look attractive if there are various inflammations, acne and other unpleasant moments on the face. Indeed, now very many people complain of problem skin, cosmetic defects. Of course, lifestyle, food quality and many other factors affect the condition of the skin. But cosmetologists have already found the best way out of this situation - facial cleansing, which is carried out in a variety of ways.

Facial cleansing by a beautician is an excellent opportunity to effectively cope with comedones, acne, and it also allows you to cleanse dead cells, thereby significantly improving skin color. The most effective and popular methods of cosmetic face cleansing include: chemical, laser, mechanical, ultrasonic and others.

Is it worth attending cosmetic facial cleansing?

Of course, facial cleansing is not one of the most pleasant, but still it is actively used in cosmetology clinics and beauty salons. The fact is that the skin regularly encounters many negative factors, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, frequent stress, and poor nutrition. All this negatively affects the metabolic processes in the body. Of course, because of this, our skin begins to lose its original shade, becomes covered with blackheads, pimples. In order to effectively get rid of such problems, it is necessary to visit a beautician in a timely manner, to cleanse the face.

This procedure can be carried out manually or hardware. In any case, the scheme of work is as follows:

● facial skin is properly prepared;

● then the specialist proceeds to eliminate the rash, blackheads, clogged pores.

The most effective facial cleansing is mechanical, which is carried out manually, but combined techniques can also be used.

Of course, we can say that every person from time to time carries out manual cleaning of the skin of the face at home. Therefore, many people do not understand at all why go to a beautician to get rid of another pimple or blackhead. But if something is not done correctly, it will lead to many unpleasant moments. That is why facial cleansing by a beautician has a number of advantages:

● in a specialist's office, all procedures take place in completely hygienic conditions;

● the doctor prepares the skin in advance;

● problems with minimal trauma, skin damage are eliminated.

The only drawback of face cleansing is painful sensations, the need for recovery. But keep in mind that after cleaning, you will not be able to go to any event. Therefore, if you have a planned visit to an event, visit the cleaning in advance, at least a few days in advance.

Is it worth making an appointment with a beautician for ultrasonic face cleansing?

This method of cleaning the skin can be attributed to hardware, since it is performed using a special unit with a spatula, which produces an ultrasound effect. It is under the influence of ultrasound that the pores are thoroughly cleansed, and sebum, keratinized cells and other undesirable moments are eliminated. The advantages of cosmetologically face cleansing in Kiev by the US method include the following points:

● the skin is quickly cleared of dead cells;

● the process of blood circulation improves;

● the skin is enriched with oxygen;

● cellular metabolism is activated;

● improves metabolism at the cellular level;

● general tone improves.

In any case, any cosmetic methods for cleaning the skin are considered mandatory and necessary, as well as the most effective. Moreover, you should visit such procedures regularly in order to consolidate the effect and delight yourself, those around you with magnificent, healthy, high-quality, radiant skin. The best time to visit a beautician is the autumn-spring period. The fact is that during cleaning, in any case, there will be microtraumas, and in the summer season moisture and sweat can get into them, which will not have the best effect on the restoration of the skin.

Do you regularly have acne, blackheads, blackheads on your skin? In this case, you need to pay special attention to your skin. It is recommended to visit a qualified beautician, starting from adolescence. If you have quite normal skin, then do face cleansing in Kiev once a month. If the skin is problematic, excessively oily, cleansing is necessary every 10 days.

If you have signed up for a cosmetologist for the first time, he will definitely examine the condition of your skin and select the best solution that will provide the maximum effect. The price of facial cleansing is now quite acceptable in any cosmetology center, due to which everyone has the opportunity to monitor their appearance, beauty and skin health.

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