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Fractional RF-lifting

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About the service

Morpheus 8 is an innovative lifting and rejuvenation procedure that uses fractional multi-needle RF technology.

It is performed by the multifunctional platform InMode - a unique development of the Israeli company INMODE Aesthetic Solution. Has the greatest depth of influence among all RF technologies approved by the FDA.

What it is used for

Mimic and static wrinkles;
Visible signs of skin aging, skin laxity;
Post-acne and acne scars, age spots, ptosis;
Double chin, age-related changes in the skin around the eyes, baggy lower eyelids.
Facial unevenness;
Indications for procedure
Mimic and static wrinkles;

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Inequality of the face and body relief;
Pigment spots;
Post-acne and scars from acne;
Skin laxity;
Pregnancy and lactation;
Oncological diseases;
Epilepsy and severe somatic diseases;
Diseases of the psyche and nervous system;
Virus diseases, acute herpes, HIV/AIDS;
Double chin;
Baggy lower eyelids.
Taking drugs with photosensitizing effect (some antibiotics, antidepressants, diuretics, hypericum, bergamot, etc.));
Body piercings, metal jewelry worn, medical devices used (i.e. cardiostimulator), gold threads implanted as well as silicone implants in the area of the procedure;
Predisposition to keloid scarring;
Problems with blood clottingи.

Results of procedure


Fractional RF-Lifting Morpheus 8
11000 uah
8000 uah
7500 uah
8500 uah
7500 uah
14500 uah
7500 uah
9000 uah
̶2̶7̶0̶0̶0̶ 19000 uah
6000 uah
7500 uah
8500 uah
7000 uah
7500 uah
12000 uah
6000-18000 uah
1̶8̶5̶0̶0̶ 15000 uah
It is forbidden to visit baths, sauna, solarium 3 days in advance before the procedure.

Preparation for procedure

It is forbidden to drink alcohol 48 hours in advance before the procedure.
The procedure is not recommended if there are acute inflammatory processes in the procedure area.
It is forbidden to use and take photosensitizing drugs (some antibiotics, retinol, etc.) 14 days in advance before the procedure.
Be sure to remove all metal jewelry, piercings, etc. before the procedure.

How procedure is going through

Fractional RF-Lifting
Other cosmetic procedures are banned 14 days after;

Care after procedure

You must use sunscreen 1 month after the procedure;
You should limit physical activity, as well as visiting the baths and sauna 7-10 days after. Do not sunbathe in direct sunlight or in a solarium 1 month after;
Reddening and swelling are observed after the procedure. They will disappear within 3-5 days;
Do not use scrubs, acid and enzyme peelings or any other type of grinding on the procedure area for 1 month after;
After healing, crusts may form in the treatment areas which peel off naturally within 3-7 days;
Do not take photosensitizing drugs (some antibiotics, retinol, etc.) 1 month after the procedure;
The Morpheus 8 procedure effect is observed after 2-3 weeks, and the maximum result - after 2-3 months;
The recommended course is 2-3 procedures, repeated procedures are recommended not earlier than in 6-8 weeks.

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What is fractional RF lifting and what is it for?
Every year more and more people think about their own health and beauty. Someone prefers to go to the gym, someone likes to diet. All this is really good and even beneficial for the body, but sometimes this is not enough, and in order to get a really noticeable result, you should supplement your own efforts with hardware cosmetology - the RF lifting procedure.

Particularly popular now is fractional RF-lifting with microneedles. With this procedure, you can rejuvenate the skin of the face and body. Moreover, the result will not be long in coming and will persist for a long time.

The main thing is to achieve a really good result and at the same time without any risks, you need to contact only proven cosmetology clinics. Only competent professionals are able to perform any procedures with high quality, in accordance with the norms and only in hygienic conditions.

What is the RF procedure used for in cosmetology?

The effect of rejuvenation thanks to this procedure is achieved by means of radio frequency energy, which penetrates directly to a certain depth of the skin using special microneedles. RF-lifting is ideal for almost all skin types, regardless of age and other parameters. But in any case, before applying such a procedure, a thorough examination and consultation with a specialist will be carried out.

RF lifting with microneedles is a rather expensive procedure, but it is effective and should be used in such situations:

  • the presence of mimic, static wrinkles;
  • the presence of visible signs of skin aging and laxity;
  • the presence of post-acne, scars after acne;
  • the presence of age spots on the skin.

You can also use this procedure to eliminate double chin and bags under the eyes, to improve the quality of the skin around the eyes. Even if the client is not satisfied with the uneven facial contours, RF-lifting can also be used. Many also use this procedure for hyperhidrosis, the presence of vascular networks on the body, ptosis and other problems.

Such a procedure is strongly discouraged in the presence of the following health problems:

  • oncological diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • diseases of the psyche, nervous system, etc.

You should not use RF lifting in those areas where silicone implants are installed, there are piercings, gold threads are installed, and even more so if a pacemaker is present.

It is not recommended to carry out such procedures during pregnancy and lactation.

How to properly prepare for the RF procedure?

If you wish to sign up for the procedure, be sure to adhere to the following preparation rules:

  • it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages at least two days before the procedure;
  • the procedure should not be carried out in places where acute inflammatory processes occur;
  • the use of photosensitizing, some types of antibiotics is strictly prohibited 2 weeks before the procedure;
  • before the RF-lifting procedure, it is imperative to remove all metal jewelry, piercings, etc.

Adhering to the basic rules, the procedure will be carried out completely safely, and you will not face any unpleasant moments.

In order to achieve the desired effect after the RF procedure, it is necessary to properly care for the skin:

  • after the procedure, you should use a high-quality sunscreen for 30 days;
  • you need to limit yourself from excessive physical activity;
  • after the procedure, you should not visit saunas, baths, solariums for 1-2 weeks;
  • within a month after RF-lifting, you should not use antibiotics and photosensitizing drugs;
  • about one month after lifting, you should not use scrubs and other types of resurfacing at the sites of the procedures.

After the RF procedure, swelling and slight redness will be noticeable for several days, but these symptoms will disappear on their own in a maximum of 5-7 days.

The main thing is that after carrying out a course of procedures (2-3) you will notice just an excellent result: the skin will be significantly tightened, wrinkles will be smoothed out, the outlines of the body or face will become smoother, more toned. Many people who have already experienced RF-lifting in Kiev say that the procedure has helped them to "lose" at least 5 years from their real age.

Ready to get an improved version of yourself? Rather sign up for RF-lifting in Kiev. The prices for processing each zone are presented on the website, you can familiarize yourself with them at any time.

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