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About the service
Classical methods, such as diet and sports, do not always help to remove excess body fat; additional exposure is often required, for example, liposuction of problem areas. With the Evolve X by Inmode platform, you can get non-surgical body contouring that targets all tissues, reducing fat and stimulating muscle. In just a few sessions, you will see excellent results and get a more toned and slender figure.

What is it used for

Reconstruction / tightening of the skin;
Destruction of fat cells or adipose tissue;
Improving muscle tone;
Elimination of cellulite;
Treatment of several areas of the body at once.
Indications for procedure
The presence of loose skin and loss of tone in the areas of the abdomen, arms, thighs, knees, buttocks;

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Loss of muscle tone;
Limitation of sports activities for individual reasons, to improve muscle and skin tone;
A comprehensive solution for the correction of body contours.
Pacemaker or internal defibrillator (any other active electrical implant anywhere in the body);
Permanent implant in the treatment area, such as screws with metal plates and metal piercings, silicone implants or injected chemicals if they are not deep enough in the plane of the periosteum;
Cancer or pre-cancerous growths;
Heart disorders, sensory disorders, epilepsy, uncontrolled hypertension, and liver or kidney disease;
HIV / AIDS, autoimmune disorders or use of immunosuppressive drugs;
Pregnancy and lactation;
Patients with a history of illnesses that may be exacerbated by heat, such as recurrent herpes in the treated area, can only be treated after preventive preparation;
Areas where fillers (hyaluronic acid, collagen, autologous fat and other biomaterials) have been intradermal and subdermal injected in the last 6 months;
Diabetes or thyroid dysfunction and hormonal virilization;
Ulcers, psoriasis, eczema and acne and a history of skin conditions, keloids, abnormal wound healing, and very dry and fragile skin (sensitive);
History of bleeding coagulopathy or use of anticoagulants in the past 10 days at the discretion of the physician;
Dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and deep chemical peeling during the last 3 months before treatment in the affected area;
Therapy with light, laser, radio frequency or other methods in the area of the intended treatment for 3 months or until complete healing;
Any surgical procedure in the area of intended treatment within the last 6 months or until complete healing;
Use of isotretinoin (Roaccutane®) for 6 months before starting treatment;
At the discretion of the physician - refrain from any influences that could be dangerous to the patient.

Results of procedure


Body and skin correction EvolveX Inmode

5̶5̶0̶0̶ 2900 uah
18 applicators are used in one procedure:
Transform (6 pcs), Tite (8 pcs), Tone (4 pcs)
1̶3̶2̶0̶0̶ 8100 UAH
18 applicators are used in one procedure:
Transform (6 pcs), Tite (8 pcs), Tone (4 pcs)
2̶2̶0̶0̶0̶ 14400 UAH
18 applicators are used in one procedure:
Transform (6 pcs), Tite (8 pcs), Tone (4 pcs)
Preparation can significantly affect your experience of the procedure. Although Evolve is not an invasive procedure, it is still important to prepare your mind and body for the treatment for optimal and realistic results;

Preparation for procedure

Refrain from smoking at list 48 hours;
It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages 48 hours before the procedure;
Do not use isotretinoin (Roaccutane®) for 6 months before starting treatment;
Consult your doctor personally about the possibility or prohibition of the use of other medicines and drugs.
Avoid taking anticoagulants for 7-10 days before the procedure, if it is medically acceptable;
Two weeks before the procedure, do not succumb to insolation (do not sunbathe);

How procedure is going through

Body and skin correction Evolve
The Evolve procedure is a non-surgical treatment that does not have a long recovery period;

Care after procedure

Possible slight redness in the area of the procedure, disappear within 72 hours (sensitive skin);
There may be a feeling of mild muscle pain, as after a break in training, which disappears within a few days;
Most patients can immediately return to their normal life and activities immediately after the procedure.

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until 15/07
Body correction with Evolve X
1 procedure - 2900 UAH
3 procedures - 8100 UAH
6 procedures - 14400 UAH

It's time to remove wrinkles in the area of the Forehead + Eyebrows at a great price of 3300 UAH!

until 30/06
Legs completely, deep bikini and armpits for only 1850 UAH!

until 15/07
What determines the price of liposuction in the city of Kiev?
This question is relevant for all people who want to look their best at any age. The possibilities of modern hardware cosmetology have stepped far forward, with modern technology and practical experience, a cosmetologist is able to literally work miracles. Liposuction is a procedure that involves the ability to quickly model a figure; the cost of such treatment in the city of Kiev varies widely.

Usually, prices for liposuction (this applies both to the city of Kiev and other localities of the country) are announced after being examined by a specialist. If the latest achievements in the field of aesthetic medicine are used, for example, non-invasive correction of body and skin contours using the Evolve platform from INMODE, the cost of liposuction in Kiev will be considerable. But the result will exceed the wildest expectations, and most importantly - no pain. After the course, you do not need to go through the recovery period, the device works sighting. Fat traps are reduced, muscles are toned, body contours are reduced.

Features of the functioning of the multi-platform Evolve X by INMODE

All potential customers who are interested in gentle liposuction in the city of Kiev, as well as its final price, should familiarize themselves in more detail with the capabilities of the Evolve equipment. It combines several technologies at once:

● EVOLVE TITE is a radio wave lifting. The essence of the method is to heat the surface and deep collagen fibers to a certain temperature. The procedure helps the production of new collagen and elastin, accelerates regenerative processes. Thanks to the installed sensors, the heating temperature is strictly controlled. The duration of one session is from half an hour to an hour, basically the course includes 4-6 visits to the beautician with an interval of one week. The effect is cumulative and long-term.

● EVOLVE TRANSFORM is a radio wave lifting plus vacuum. With the help of high-voltage micropulses, the cell membranes of fat cells are damaged. This leads to their resorption. The effect is enhanced by heating the treated area. The visible effect occurs after the first procedure, the duration of which does not exceed 30 minutes. The price of such a liposuction in Kiev is fixed. The course includes up to 6 procedures, the action is cumulative.

● EVOLVE TONE is electromyostimulation. It helps to work out the muscles efficiently. The tone is restored, all groups that can be inactive during normal training are involved. As a result, a beautiful relief is formed, the contours of the body are clearly delineated. Electromyostimulation does not cause any unpleasant sensations. The duration of the procedures is about 30 minutes, they are prescribed by the course, they have a cumulative effect. For residents of the city of Kiev, as well as guests of the capital, such liposuction will help restore self-confidence.

Interestingly, all three methods are applied simultaneously. So, the effectiveness of modeling body contours increases significantly.

Benefits of the modern center of aesthetic medicine SkinMedical

Among the huge number of beauty salons, it is important to choose a truly proven clinic with experienced staff and professional equipment. All cosmetology hardware procedures - liposuction, cleaning, hair removal and others, in Kiev are always available in our center, the prices are pleasantly surprising. To fully satisfy the client's needs, we use our own unique developments. The quality of service is always at its best. All beauticians in the state with medical education have a wealth of practical experience and extensive theoretical knowledge. We are not only actively interested in novelties in the field of the beauty industry, but also timely implement them in our center.

The first meeting is held in a comfortable environment for the client. After identifying the problem, a clear step-by-step plan for solving it is developed. The number and frequency of all sessions are agreed with the client. We always adjust to your schedule, do our best to make the path to beauty as short and painless as possible. If there are contraindications or some preliminary preparatory stages, the client is notified of this in advance. High-quality liposuction by any method, the price of which is the most acceptable in Ukraine, in particular in the city of Kiev, is available in our clinic to everyone. Follow the updates of the information on the site. With love for our customers, we regularly hold promotions and offer good discounts on many types of hardware cosmetology.
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