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Апаратна косметологія
Естетична косметологія
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Machine cosmetology

Machine cosmetology is epilation, lifting, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment and other procedures using the latest high-performance equipment that guarantees long-term results.

What it is used for

Removal of unwanted hair;
Treatment of pigmentation and acne;
Mechanical peeling.
Elimination of vascular defects;


Laser Epilation
An effective method of unwanted hair removal that requires minimum efforts and has a long-lasting effect.
Fractional RF-Lifting
Morpheus 8 is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation that has an effect on its deepest layers.
Pigmentation Treatment
An effective procedure for the dermatological pathologies treatment.
Acne Treatment
Laser acne treatment is an effective and safe technique that guarantees a noticeable result.
Vessels Removal
Treatment of vascular lesions, removal of vascular mesh, hemangiomas and angiomas.
IPL Rejuvenation
IPL is an innovative method of rejuvenating the face and body skin. Safe and painless procedure.
Diamond Microdermabrasion
Delicate microgrinding of skin using the vacuum intake equipment.
Microcurrent Therapy
A popular, safe and effective method for rejuvenating and improving the general condition of the skin.
Jet Peel. Gas-Liquid therapy
Gas-liquid peeling, which provides the effect of 5 treatments at once.
Body and skin correction EvolveX Inmode
The rеvolutionary body contouring technology.
CO2 laser resurfacing
The advanced laser technology of the latest generation, provides excellent results, makes the skin smooth and its color fresh.
Removal of neoplasms with CO2 laser
Laser technology that effectively removes neoplasms.

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