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About the service

Facial peeling is one of the most popular procedures nowadays. Its necessity is obvious, given the ecological state and endless dust, car exhaust, and other harmful manifestations of the environment.

Peeling is an effective method of skin cleansing. This procedure removes various types of impurities from the surface of the epidermis, including both the waste products of the skin and external factors.

What it is used for

Treatment of comedones, rashes, acne, post-acne;
Removal of scars, ingrown hair;
Elimination of dullness, skin flaccidity and elasticity loss.
Care for oily skin with enlarged pores, thickening of the stratum corneum, uneven relief;
Indications for procedure
Problem skin with comedones, rashes, acne, post-acne;

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Scars, ingrown hair;
Oily skin with enlarged pores;
Skin with thickening of the stratum corneum, uneven relief;
Tendency to form keloid and hypertrophic scars;
Dull skin color, skin flaccidity and elasticity loss.
Poor wound healing;
Skin hypersensitivity, intolerance to the components of the peeling composition;
Mental disorders;
Pronounced rosacea;
Oncological diseases.


PRX T-33
1600 uah
(son renewal, pigmentation, scars, wrinkles)
1600 uah
(peeling biorevitalizant, moisturizing the skin, restoring microrelief)
1600 uah
(pigmentation, wrinkles, acne)
1000 uah
1000 uah
(rejuvenation, acne, lifting)
700 uah
(oily/ sensitive skin)
700 uah
(dry skin)
700 uah
(problematic skin)
700 uah
(problematic skin)
600 uah

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Facial cleansing with peeling - an easy way to perfect skin
It is extremely important for every self-respecting woman to look always well-groomed and beautiful. This concept includes not only makeup, clothes, hair. If the facial skin is tired, inflamed, with redness, no BB cream can mask it. It is important to approach the problem comprehensively, then the result will be excellent. Today, the most effective way to tidy up problem skin is to do face cleansing or peeling. For this, there are special cosmetics for home use, but only in a salon can you achieve a long-term ideal result.

Let the cost of face peeling at the center of aesthetic medicine be higher, but a woman can be sure of the safety of all procedures. To improve the condition of the skin, the keratinized upper layer of the skin is removed using a special apparatus. This technique helps to accelerate the regeneration of epidermal cells. After a course of facial peeling with a beautician, you can see how blackheads disappear and your complexion improves.

Preparing for the procedure

Peeling is based on the action of special substances and allows you to remove the keratinized layers of the skin to a certain depth. Facial skin peeling is a procedure that should be performed by an experienced beautician. Initially, he must study all the individual characteristics of the client's skin. Based on the data received, a plan is drawn up, prices for face peeling are announced. A very important point is the preparation for the skin cleansing course, as well as the timing of it. The best period will be autumn or winter, when solar activity is low. After cleaning, the skin becomes very sensitive and needs special care.

It should be borne in mind that in each individual case, the interval between procedures can vary widely. It depends on the type of skin and its condition. Therefore, the price of a quality face peel will not hit your budget. In order for cleaning to take place without unpleasant consequences, it is important to follow the recommendations of a specialist. Usually, they consist in a request not to use alcohol-containing cosmetics a few days before visiting a beautician. You also need to apply a UV-protected cream to your face and be prepared for slight redness or swelling after cleansing.

What determines the price for face peeling?

The SkinMedical Aesthetic Medicine Center practices a variety of facial cleansing methods. We offer service packages for clients with different needs. To understand the principle of cleansing / rejuvenating the skin, it is worth dwelling on several popular types of peeling in more detail:

● Gas-liquid peeling on the innovative Israeli equipment Jet Peel. The essence of the method consists in supplying water with oxygen under pressure. The directed flow has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory effect on the dermis. In addition to removing keratinized cells, edema is eliminated, the face contour is tightened.

● RF-lifting Morpheus 8 is equated by the obtained result to plastic surgery. Based on the principle of controlled fractional exposure of radio waves to subdermal layers through microneedles inserted into the skin, it is suitable for any skin phototype. The result is visible after the first procedure.

If you are interested in professional cleaning-peeling for the face with an optimal price / quality ratio, in the city of Kiev you can contact our modern SkinMedical center.

Advantages of methods of hardware cleaning of facial skin

Hardware peeling helps to quickly and with the least negative consequences bring the skin of the face to its ideal state. The procedures are characterized by minimal invasiveness and a short rehabilitation period (provided that they are performed by a professional using high-quality equipment). The client does not experience any unpleasant sensations during the session, only a slight tingling sensation, vibration and warmth. SPA peeling of the face is significantly inferior to hardware peeling in terms of effectiveness, professional cosmetology helps to solve aesthetic problems quickly.

With the help of hardware peeling, you can tighten the oval of the face and neck, reduce age wrinkles, lighten age spots and even get rid of a double chin. The skin becomes more elastic and healthier. Moreover, the effect is achieved by stimulating the metabolic processes of the body, so it is resistant. You can sign up for a consultation at our modern center of aesthetic cosmetology on the website Our cosmetologists with medical education and practical experience will conduct skin cleansing sessions on certified equipment. Peeling facial cleansing, the cost of which you can find out after consultation, will help improve your skin, all procedures are safe and effective.

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