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Pigmentation treatment

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About the service
Impulsive light (IPL - "intense pulsed light") is used for dermatological pathologies treatment, which has a simultaneous impact on three levels - hemoglobin, melanin and water. Hemoglobulin absorbs light from the Lumecca head, thereby correcting vascular disorders and normalizing skin cell function.

Lumecca flash units eliminate pigmentation disorders. As a result, collagen synthesis is accelerated, a tightening effect is manifested, fine wrinkles are smoothed out and pores are narrowed.

What is it used for

Age-related pigmentation disorders (red and brown spots);
With the effects of exposure to solar radiation (stains, etc.).
Visible signs of skin photoaging on the neck, decollete and arms;
Indications for procedure
Age-related pigmentation disorders (red and brown spots);

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Consequences of solar radiation exposure;
Visible signs of photoaging of the skin in the neck, decollete and arms.
Pregnancy and lactation;
Oncological diseases;
Diabetes mellitus and blood clotting problems;
Taking medications: antibiotics, aspirin, etc.;
Severe pathologies of internal organs;
A relative contraindication is a fresh tan on the skin area which needs the treatment. In this case, the date of the session is postponed for 21-28 days in order to avoid side effects such as microburns.
Diseases of the psyche and nervous system;
Dermatological diseases in the acute stage and acute form of herpes;

Results of procedure


Pigmentation Treatment
2700 uah
2000 uah
Choose one zone
2000 uah
2900 uah
2000 uah
4000 uah
4800 uah
3500 uah
1500 uah
̶8̶1̶0̶0̶ 6800 uah
3 times FOREHEAD/Cheeks/Nose/Chin Treatments
5100 uah
Choose one zone
5100 uah
7400 uah
5100 uah
10200 uah
12200 uah
8900 uah
It is not recommended to visit sauna, swimming pool, or take thermal procedures 3 days in advance before the procedure;

Preparation for procedure

It is forbidden to drink alcohol beverages 48 hours in advance before the procedure;
Two weeks in advance before the procedure not to succumb to insolation (sunbathe);
It is forbidden to use and take photosensitizing drugs (some antibiotics, retinol, etc.) 14 days in advance before the procedure;
Before the procedure you must remove contact lenses if you are wearing them;
Before the procedure the doctor applies a special gel, which is necessary to maintain full contact of the nozzle with the skin.
The area which will be involved in the procedure is cleaned using a special lotion or tonic;
Avoid taking anticoagulants 7-10 days in advance before the procedure if it is medically acceptable;

How procedure is going through

Pigmentation Treatment
Pigment spots darken after 2-3 days. They peel off like a tan within 10-14 days;

Care after procedure

There may be edema or small hematomas (bruises on the treatment area, which gradually disappear within a week;
It is not recommended to visit baths, sauna, solarium and sunbathe for 2-3 weeks after;
To prevent the occurrence of new pigment spots it is necessary to apply a sunscreen with a high level of protection (at least SPF 50);
The rehabilitation process lasts individually from 2 to 14 days;
Be sure to monitor the skin condition and consult the doctor on 3/5/7 day after the procedure (by sending a photo report));
Follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist who has performed the procedure;
Do not self-medicate so as not to harm the natural rehabilitation period.

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Effective pigmentation treatment
Pigmented spots are not the most pleasant bonus that many women and men have after a sunny summer. Since the beautiful half of humanity more closely monitors their appearance, unwanted pigmentation can bring many inconveniences to life. Beautiful, well-groomed skin for a woman is one of her most important advantages. If, due to different life circumstances, the predisposition of the skin to the appearance of pigmentation and age-related changes on the face, body, annoying spots appear, then women should think about eliminating pigmentation by treatment or removal. Modern technologies, professional cosmetics make it possible to get rid of pigmentation, but this is a rather complex and responsible process that takes place in several stages.

The Center for Aesthetic Medicine Skin Medical offers everyone qualified treatment and laser removal of pigmentation in Kiev at an affordable price, while we use the most modern equipment and effective therapeutic and care cosmetics. Our team includes dermatologists, dermatovenerologists and professional cosmetologists who, with great pleasure and love for their work, will help you to remove pigment on the body.

Before the removal procedure and the designation of a pigmentation treatment plan, you will be invited for a consultation. The doctor conducts a thorough examination of the client, fills out a questionnaire with the patient's data, and, if necessary, sends him for additional analyzes and studies. In fact, this procedure is quite simple and does not cause unpleasant sensations for the patient, but in order to avoid any complications, our specialists are very responsible for the preparation. After all, an informed client recovers much faster after the procedure, adhering to all the instructions.

Stages and important points of the procedure for removing age spots on the skin

The process of treatment for age spots occurs in several stages:

● preparation for the removal procedure;

● prescribing treatment with cosmetics;

● care after the procedure.

In some cases, patients are immediately removed age spots and prescribed special care. In any case, each case requires an individual approach.

There are a number of rules to follow before laser pigment removal:

● avoid visiting pools, saunas, hot baths in the last three days before the procedure;

● 48 hours before removal, do not drink alcohol;

● do not sunbathe at least 14 days before the procedure;

● do not take antibiotics, drugs with retinol for two weeks before treatment;

● exclude the use of anticoagulants.

Additionally, immediately before the procedure itself, you need to remove contact lenses, if you are wearing them. The doctor will apply a special contact gel to the treated areas to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.

Removal of pigmentation in the city of Kiev

The pigment removal process itself is reproduced on an IPL pulsed light machine. Its action extends to three levels of interaction with hemoglobin, water and melanin. The special Lumecca nozzle is able to quickly and effectively correct vascular disorders and regulate the work of skin cells. In addition to restoring the natural pigment of the skin, the flashlights of the Lumecca attachments help to narrow pores and smooth wrinkles.

The result of the procedure is influenced by correctly selected, systematic care with the help of special cosmetics. Skin restoration after laser removal of age spots and freckles also occurs gradually:

● darkening and exfoliation of laser-treated areas;

● bruises, minor bruises may occur, which disappear after a week;

● the obligatory application of the cream with spf 50 is prescribed.

The formation of pigmentation can overtake at the most unpredictable moment. But this does not mean that absolutely everyone can just go and do the removal and treatment of pigmentation with a laser in the city of Kiev.

There are a number of contraindications, in the presence of which you may be denied services or postponed the procedure for some time. As with any other cosmetic procedure, it is important to take these recommendations into account. Laser removal is contraindicated:

● pregnant and lactating mothers;

● cancer patients;

● patients with chronic diseases of internal organs, diabetes mellitus;

● patients with neurology;

● with serious skin diseases;

● with a recent, intense tan.

Skin Medical is your assistant in laser removal of age spots on the face and body in Kiev, we have different prices for such services, depending on the area of the body and the number of procedures required. The prices can be found in the price list on the website. If you are looking for where to quickly and efficiently remove freckles with a laser in Ukraine, where the normal price for these service and professional doctors, you have come to the right place.

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