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About the service
Plasma therapy or plasmolifting is a unique technique of facial injection rejuvenation, based on the use of blood plasma with the addition of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The blood plasma is injected into problem areas which stimulates the activation of fibroblasts. The skin is renewed for several more months after the course of sessions. Plasmolifting is used to rejuvenate, treat acne and alopecia.

What it is used for

The presence of visible age-related changes or skin laxity;
Dehydrated and dry skin;
Treatment of hair loss, stretch marks and cellulite;
Frequent or intense sun exposure.
Ptosis of the face and neck tissues;
Indications for procedure
Age-related changes or saggy skin;

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Dehydration and dryness, stretch marks on the skin;
Ptosis of the face and neck tissues;
Frequent or intense sun exposure;
Diseases of the internal organs;
Virusl hepatitis, oncological diseases;
Blood diseases, HIV/AIDS;
Pustular skin inflammation;
Non-androgenic alopecia.
Pregnancy and lactation period.


Plasma Therapy
2000 uah
2300 uah
2600 uah
600 uah
2000 uah

Preparation for procedure

Drinking strong alcohol is forbidden 3-4 days in advance and weak alcohol 1 day in advance. Drinking alcohol can cause swelling. Alcohol also causes an increase in pressure, which is why the bruises may form at the puncture area;
You can't eat salty and spicy food, because it contributes to the fluid retention in the body;
Do not visit the sauna, bathhouse and solarium 2-3 days in advance before the procedure;
Do not carry out various peels in the area of the future injection in order to avoid wounds, scratches, minor damages to the skin.
You should not apply creams and decorative cosmetics (including foundation) within one day;

Care after procedure

Do not take aspirin and other anti-coagulants;
Do not massage the puncture area;
Do not go to the solarium, use sunscreen before going outside.

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What is plasma therapy and what is it for?
In cosmetology, plasma therapy is one of the most modern, new techniques. It is an injection procedure that involves the subcutaneous injection of plasma from the patient's own blood. In European countries, such a procedure as skin plasma therapy is very popular, and for a long time, and there it is called PRP therapy.

Plasma, which is injected under the skin, is enriched with platelets, and they already, as you know, contain growth factors that are responsible not only for blood clotting, but also for the growth, restoration, renewal of young tissues. Of course, such a procedure is similar to autohemotherapy, which involved taking the patient's blood from the cubital vein and injecting it intramuscularly for the safe immune defense of the body. The idea of stimulating the restoration of the body's potential later grew into plasmolifting, and now it is really in demand and shows excellent results.

How is plasma therapy carried out in cosmetology?

In order to carry out the plasma therapy procedure, it is necessary to take blood from patients from a vein. It is placed in a test tube, in a special way, processed in a centrifuge, in order to prepare a plasma filled with platelets.

The components that are present in it are some kind of blood cells that provide the ability of blood to clot, and they also affect the recovery processes of the human body. The plasma also contains enzymes, vitamins, hormones, which only activate recovery, regeneration, and rejuvenation. The technique is practically no different from the biorevitalization procedure, when drugs are injected intradermally with microneedles.

The advantages of plasma therapy for the skin include the following points:

● perfect safety;

● there are no risks of allergies;

● complete absence of dangerous consequences for the body.

Plasma is a part of the patient's blood, it is not an allergen or a harmful foreign product, therefore, it does not pose any danger to the body.

Who can benefit from cosmetologically plasma therapy? This procedure is ideal for patients with different age-related changes. In addition, it contributes to the overall improvement of the skin, eliminating acne problems. It will improve the quality of the skin, restore the overall tone, get the most even tone of the face and its youthful, fresh, healthy look. Also, plasma therapy is actively used in the following situations:

● with mimic, age wrinkles;

● in the presence of scars, large scars, stretch marks.

In addition, such a procedure is often recommended after laser therapy, chemical peelings, due to which it is possible to reduce pain, accelerate the process of skin regeneration.

You can use this procedure for the scalp, as plasma has a positive effect on cell growth, improves microcirculation in the skin. Plasma therapy is used quite actively in the treatment of alopecia. Even if you do not have active hair loss, baldness, you can still undergo plasma therapy procedures as a prevention of thinning, as well as to improve the quality of your hair.

Who shouldn't sign up for plasma therapy in Kiev?

The plasma therapy procedure is quite simple, it is inexpensive, it is safe, but it still has certain contraindications:

● herpes in a wide variety of manifestations;

● infectious diseases;

● menstruation;

● the presence of oncological diseases;

● pregnancy and lactation;

● taking medications that thin the blood.

In addition, this procedure is not recommended in the presence of neurotic or mental illness.

If you have no contraindications and you signed up for plasma therapy in Kiev, do not forget that in the future you will need to follow certain rules:

● after the procedure, it is necessary to protect the skin from the influence of UV rays, water;

● do not visit the sauna, swimming pool, solarium in the near future.

It is very important to be careful about visiting cosmetologists and masseurs within a week after the procedure. If you do not want to face a number of unpleasant moments, it is better to give up such pleasures for 7-8 days.

Many people say that after the procedure bruises remain on the skin, but you should not do anything, and even more so to panic, since this is a completely natural reaction. Hematomas usually go away on their own within 5-7 days after plasma therapy. The course of therapy usually includes several procedures - 3-4. They are carried out at intervals of up to 2 weeks several times every 12 months

In any case, it is necessary to consult with experienced cosmetologists regarding such procedures. Only after examination and consultation will they tell you exactly whether you should sign up for the procedure or not.

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