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Vessel removal

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About the service

Lumecca flashlights are absolutely safe and do not cause scars and burns, fight the problem and remove unwanted vascular lesions on the face skin.

The newest Vascular handpiece is an effective weapon in the fight against venous meshes, hemangiomas and angiomas, most of which disappear after the first procedure. And the cooling system makes the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible.

What it is used for

Removal of vascular defects: couperosis, vascular spiders, rosacea;
Treatment of acne and post-acne traces;
Removal of face and body hemangiomas and angiomas, vascular nevi and meshes.
Indications for procedure
Vascular defects: couperosis, vascular spider, rosacea;

Who it is for

Contraindications to procedure
Acne and post-acne traces;
Cicatrixes, scars, stretch marks;
Face and body hemangiomas and angiomas, vascular nevi and mesh.
Pregnancy and lactation;
Oncological diseases;
Diabetes mellitus and blood clotting problems;
Taking medications: antibiotics, aspirin, etc.;
Severe pathologies of internal organs;
A relative contraindication is a fresh tan on the area of skin that needs the treatment. In this case the date of the session is postponed until 21-28 days after in order to avoid side effects such as microburns.
Diseases of the psyche and nervous system;
Dermatological diseases in the acute stage and acute form of herpes;

Results of procedure


2700 uah
2000 uah
2000 uah
2000 uah
̶8̶1̶0̶0̶ 6800 uah
5100 uah
5100 uah
5100 uah
1 vessel
500 uah
200 uah /1 PC
800 uah /5 PC
900 uah
1 cm2 /250 uah
10 cm2 /1200 uah
500 uah /3 PC
700 uah
1800 uah
3-5 cm2 /700 uah

Preparation for procedure

It is not recommended to visit sauna, swimming pool or take thermal procedures 3 days in advance before the procedure;
It is forbidden to drink alcohol beverages 48 hours in advance before the procedure;;
Do not succumb to insolation (sunbathe) two weeks in advance before the procedure;
It is forbidden to use and take photosensitizing drugs (some antibiotics, retinol, etc.) 14 days in advance before the procedure;
Before the procedure you must remove contact lenses if you are wearing them;
Before the procedure the doctor applies a special gel, which is necessary to maintain full contact of the nozzle with the skin.
The area that will be involved during the procedure is cleaned with a special lotion or tonic;
Avoid taking anticoagulants for 7-10 days in advance before the procedure if it is medically acceptable;

How procedure is going through

Vessel Removal

Care after procedure

After 2-3 days the age spots darken and peel off like a tan within 10-14 days;
There may be edema at the treatment area or small hematomas (bruises) can appear, which gradually disappear within a week;
It is not recommended to visit baths, sauna, solarium and sunbathe for 2-3 weeks;
In order to prevent the occurrence of new age spots it is necessary to apply a sunscreen with a high level of protection (at least SPF 50);
The rehabilitation process lasts individually from 2 to 14 days;
Be sure to monitor the skin condition and consult the doctor on 3/5/7 day after the procedure (by sending a photo report);
Follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist who has performed the procedure;
Do not self-medicate so as not to harm the natural rehabilitation period.
A brown crust will appear on the hemangiomas/angiomas treatment area. It must not be peeled off. It will peel off itself within a week. It is forbidden to use scrubs;

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Laser removal of vascular formations of the skin as a procedure of aesthetic cosmetology
In medical practice, there are capillary diseases that lead to the formation of vascular defects on the skin or rosacea. A red vascular network appears on those parts of the body where the skin is more sensitive: neck, décolleté, face, legs. The appearance of a pronounced vascular pattern on the skin is not only a cosmetic problem, but can also be the cause of other vascular diseases (rosacea, hemangioma, nevus, etc.). Due to the violation of the elasticity of the capillary wall, the microcirculation process deteriorates, which negatively affects the nutrition of skin cells and leads to the formation of pronounced red spots or papules.

At Skin Medical, vessels can be removed using the Lumecca laser system. High-intensity light pulses help to heal pigmented lesions and vascular lesions without scarring or burning. The photorejuvenation procedure is aimed at fast and painless removal of blood vessels, restoration of metabolic and regenerative processes in cells.

The newest Vascular cosmetology device effectively removes venous networks, benign neoplasms of blood vessels - angiomas and hemangiomas, which disappear after the first session, and the cooling system protects against traumatic effects and makes the procedure comfortable for patients.

How is laser vascular removal performed?

In the treatment of dermatological defects, venous diseases and phototherapy procedures, the specialists of the Skin Medical clinic (Kiev) use the Lumecca laser for blood vessels. IPL pulsed light triggers the process of photothermolysis selection in erythrocytes. The light beam is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood cells, which causes:

● thermal reaction and heating of tissues;

● coagulation in vessels;

● cessation of blood flow in the pathological vessel.

New generation laser devices provide fast and painless photorejuvenation, removal of vascular mesh, stars at the dermis level. The versatility of the procedure lies in the fact that it is able to cope with blue and red vessels up to 1.5 mm in diameter without destructive effects (erosion, purpura, scarring).

It should not be forgotten that removing the vascular mesh (Kiev) with a laser does not mean the complete elimination of the problem, the therapy of the disease should be carried out in a comprehensive manner. The treatment of rosacea at the Skin Medical clinic consists of several stages with the use of various cosmetology products, which serve to strengthen the walls of the capillaries and increase their elasticity. The positive effect of photocoagulation is observed when treating pathological foci on problem areas of the body, wings of the nose, legs and chin. Thanks to new methods of treatment, it is possible to comprehensively affect the skin: to remove dilated blood vessels and rejuvenate the skin. Phototherapy is less aggressive by regulating the wavelength, which allows painless treatment of sensitive areas, such as rosacea. The effect of the treatment is visible after the first procedure.

What is laser coagulation used for?

It is possible to effectively remove blood vessels with a laser in the following pathological conditions:

● pronounced rosacea, rosacea;

● treatment of acne and its consequences;

● benign neoplasms of blood vessels on the body and face, nevus-like formations with vascularization.

The procedure is suitable for correcting mimic and deep wrinkles, removing scars, postpartum stretch marks. pigmentation.

Laser treatment of blood vessels has a number of limitations and contraindications:

● gestation and breastfeeding;

● oncological diseases: suspected melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma of the skin and others;

● use of drugs: aspirin, vitamin A, anticoagulants, antibacterial and hormonal substances;

● diabetes mellitus;

● blood clotting problems;

● chronic diseases of internal organs in the stage of decompensation;

● fresh sun tan;

● mental disorders (epilepsy);

● dermatological diseases in the period of exacerbation: psoriasis, herpes.

At the first session, the cosmetologist will conduct a survey for contraindications and examine the skin surface so as not to harm health. If there is a fresh tan on the treated areas, it is recommended to carry out the procedure after 21 days.

The cosmetologist performs the removal of blood vessels with a laser, the price of one session and the localization of the treatment site are indicated in the clinic's price list. Depending on the severity of the condition, the doctor determines the number of procedures (there is a result after the first procedure, in some cases a course of up to 3 procedures is needed).

Preparation and conduct of the procedure, features of care

The laser method of treatment does not provide for invasive interventions and special training. Before the session, you should refrain from visiting the sauna, swimming pool and other thermal procedures, as well as stop taking medications, limit the consumption of alcohol and coffee. Do not sunbathe for 14 days before treatment. If the patient is wearing contact lenses, it is best to remove them.

The pathological area is treated with a special gel, which ensures the contact of the sensor with the skin surface. The specialist runs the laser over the selected area for several minutes, then removes the remaining gel and treats the area with a sedative. Regeneration processes take place in the treatment area, small edema and hematomas appear, which disappear within a few days. To exclude the appearance of new foci, hemorrhages and age spots, the cosmetologist recommends using

sunscreen with a high degree of protection SPF 50 and above. Complete healing takes up to 2 weeks. During this period, you need to monitor changes in the skin. Rehabilitation should be carried out under the supervision of a cosmetologist. Do not self-medicate and interfere with natural regeneration. After heat treatment of hemangiomas, vascular nevi, a brown crust may form, which should fall off on its own. Do not exfoliate or exfoliate your skin.

Laser removal of blood vessels in Kiev is performed by experienced specialists in the field of aesthetic cosmetology using modern equipment for the diagnosis and correction of Lumecca. The prices for laser vascular removal are acceptable for patients with different income levels. In our clinic, the patient is guaranteed an accurate diagnosis and consultation on the treatment of vascular neoplasms, rosacea or rosacea. In the application for treatment, the patient must indicate the reason and the effect he expects from the procedure. Our dermatologist will contact you to schedule a consultation. We wish you and your loved ones health!

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